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Applying for an ABN

The Australian business number (ABN) is a public number which provides a single identification number that businesses can use when dealing with a range of government departments and agencies. An ABN does not replace your tax file number.

You need an ABN to register for:

  • goods and services tax
  • fuel tax credits
  • pay as you go withholding tax

When you apply for an ABN some of your business details are placed on the Australian Business Register. If you need to know whether you are entitled to an ABN you can utilise the ABN Entitlement Tool which can be found on the ATO website »

You can apply for an ABN in any of the following ways:

  • online via the Australian Business Register at
  • through your tax agent
  • by completing an Application for ABN registration for individuals (sole traders) (NAT 2938). This form can be ordered by phoning 1300 720 092.

If you need to complete the following tax related applications you can do so via the Australian Business Register.

  • Apply for a business tax file number (TFN)
  • Apply for Goods and Services Tax / fuel tax credit
  • Apply for Pay As You Go (PAYG) Withholding


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Applying for an ABN
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