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Do you know how your creditors view your business? If not, its time to check your D&B rating.

By checking and updating your profile you can ensure that your business is accurately portrayed to creditors and business customers. Learn more about the importance of your business credit profile:

You can check your D&B rating by completing the online D&B profile form or download a copy and return it to D&B Information Resources with your most recent financial statements.

By filling out the form you can opt to receive a copy of your updated credit profile which will be available 5 working days after submission.

Mail: PO Box 7405 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004 Fax: 03 9828 3170

If you have any queries about your company profile please contact Client Services on 13 23 33.

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ABN Search

ABN Search is your free Australian Business Search powered by D&B Express. Access the ABN number and registered details of any business including information such as Business Name, ABN, ACN, Address and Registration Status.

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Your business profile

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With immediate access to Australia's largest business database, ABN Search provides a gateway to D&B's Express credit reporting service offering you a range of reports for low, medium and high risk business decisions.

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