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Payment Analysis Report

How soon will I get paid, if at all?

When it comes to making credit decisions payment history is a leading indicator of future payment performance. To turn payment history into predictive information, D&B has developed the Dynamic Delinquency Score (DDS). The DDS is a predictive estimate of a company's future payment performance and therefore an estimate of how quickly a company is likely to pay you, if at all.


Understanding how a company or business has paid other creditors provides excellent insight into the payment behaviour your customer is likely to exhibit when paying you. This insight helps you take action to manage and reduce the risk of delinquency or non-payment.

Report contains

  • Company identification
  • Business overview
  • Adverse information
  • Directors
  • Shareholders
  • Past enquiries
  • Payment habits
  • Most recent payment experiences

Tells you

The report enables you to analyse the company's payment habits, and provides the probability that the company will pay a trade account in a "severely delinquent" manner (90+ days beyond terms) within the next 12 months through the Dynamic Delinquency Score (DDS). Also includes comparisons to other companies within the same industry.

And answer even more

  • What is their recent payment performance?
  • Is there a deterioration in payment habits?
  • Have they had trouble paying creditors?
  • Will they pay me on time?
  • Was the director previously involved in a failed business?
  • Which legal entity is operating the business and who is responsible for payment of accounts?
  • Has there been any litigation activity against this company and/or its directors?
  • How much credit do suppliers usually extend to them?
  • Are they operating within a high credit risk industry?

  • Report
  • Payment Analysis Report
  • Price
  • $119.00


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